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International living comes with various issues, especially for international students. But the one that tops the list is the space of living while pursuing your studies. With OPT Room, you no longer need to worry about the hassle of wasting time in the unsure pursuit of quacky rooms. OPT Room brings to you the perfect search tool for international student housing to get your perfect choice of living in the US. An online accommodation and rental listing tool, OPT Room shortens your searches in looking for well-furnished accommodation for international students in USA. Be it be about finding shared rooms, Single rooms, or PG, OPT Room presents the best of all worlds as per your searching parameters.

Rooms for Rent to International Students in USA | Roommate Finder

Opting OPT Room comes with various benefits. We, at OPT Room, look to provide all the aspects that you look for. We live by the motto, ‘What you see is what you get.’ By simply inputting all the required parameters ranging from space of living, amenities to pets to food type, we present the best choice suited in the area. Leave the market and logistical issues to us. We take it upon ourselves to present you with choices coming within your search range.  Selecting OPT Room will help you gain the following benefits:

  1. Select from verified listings
  2. We keep an all-around check to provide you with listings that are properly verified. With many shady listings popping up, we cover our users with security in their search for the perfect living solution. With a dedicated team that keeps an eagle vision on the listings, we provide a fully verified listing.

  3. Stress-Free process
  4. Not just searching, we also help you with negotiations. We keep our word of finding the apt rooms for you. We mediate between the property owner and the tenant. Negotiations become easier with a middle man. This way you can focus more on your areas that require more concentration while leaving the worries of getting you the perfect living space.

  5. Find Indian roommates on F1 OPT, H1B, or other visas
  6. With OPT Room, we help you bring your staying place a bit closer to you by building your international living space into a home culture. OPT Room helps you look into finding international student housing for people on F-1, H1B, or Indian roommates on other visas. With a close-knit community around you, homesickness will no more be a worry in your heart.

OPT Room helps renters as well as tenants to find each other. If you are a property owner, you can help the Indian international community by listing your property as living space with us. With us, you will find many Indian students studying in the USA, trying to find an affordable living space.  You would be surprised to find that you can get your perfect kind of tenants with us with the least amount of price negotiation. With our option ‘List your room’, boost your property as an accommodation place for students and find Indian roommates. You are sure to get responses within a few days of listing with us.

For the ones who are in search of their international student accommodations, OPT Room has a facility to search for your kind of living space, even roommates included. With our innovative technology, we provide verified listing for your searches. With the option, ‘Find a room’, you can search for all the available rooms’ apartments for international students in your parameters that you need to be met. You can even find desi roommates to share your living space with.

We have been providing the best services for the F1 students’ community, studying and living in the USA. We look forward to taking up our services to all of the community so that accommodation can be one trouble that you can rub off your checklist while moving to the USA. With options of finding a Shared room, Single room, or Paying Guests, you can find any sort of living space as per your choice and budget. Help us in letting you find the ideal choice of living with your Indian Roommates.