List Your Room for Renting To International Students

Are you searching for a roommate to share your room? Are you looking for an Indian roomie to set in the new place? If you are, then you are at the right place. OPT Room brings to you the feature to enlist your room for renting to international student. Under the ‘List your Room’ Feature, you will be able to put up your room for sharing with an Indian roommate. With options to select your roommates from, we will be able to help you out with sort your trouble of sharing your living space.

A Feature to find your ideal roommate

With OPT Room, finding your perfect desi roommate has become easy. With its widespread connection among the F1 community, OPT Room can be the best middle man to find your International, H1B, or ‘Indians on GC’ roommate in the USA. The procedure to enlist your room in the OPT Room is quite simple. Simply, register yourself with us, you will be asked to choose between options. The ‘List your Room’ feature gives you all the parameters that you want to meet in your roommate. From food habits to pets, to other amenities, OPT Room helps you narrow down your range to the perfect fit.

Benefits of OPT Room Listing

Listing your room with us will help you in many ways. With our viewership base, you are sure to get a lot of candidates. Finding your perfect Indian roommate is not far off anymore with us by your side. Leave the filtering to us. Many students out there look forward to such adverts to settle in for their academic year with Indian roommates to share their rental space. You can provide all the information about the price and amenities available. You can even post whether the price is up for negotiation. Thus, you can settle everything with no need to add ‘unnecessary’ harsh words.

Under the ‘List your Room’ feature, you can post information about shared rooms, Single rooms, and Paying Guest that you want to rent to international student in USA. Thus, once verified, you are good to go in search of your desi roommate. Once you find your perfect fit roomie, all that is left to do is welcome your roomie and enjoy their pleasant company.